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Destinee Grantham is many things. She is first and foremost, a child of God. Next, she is a licensed cosmetologist, photographer, artist, content creator, and whatever other job she needs to fill. She loves nature and spending time outside (minus flying insects), music brings her comfort, and she is not afraid of going above and beyond for her passions.

Our Why

Destinee Grantham founded TL magazine and blog to share her faith-based lifestyle and journey through finding Christ in all things!

After years of struggling with her faith, Destinee decided to commit to the Lord through baptism on April 24th, 2022. Not long afterward, spiritual warfare came with full force. She struggled to fight temptation and maintain consistency in her studies and prayer. After life hit a brick wall, she heard God speak to her. He began to guide her in new directions and she knew she had to obey.

Her fire for Christ relit and she did everything in her power to keep it burning. Since then, she has fully devoted her life to the Lord and to glorifying Him in her every move.

“As I grow my faith, I've been looking for social media accounts to trade for many secular accounts I currently follow. There are many amazing accounts and blogs from other young women, but most of them have already established a family. (Husband and children.) I needed something for new adults like myself whom are single and learning to glorify God in the waiting season. I don’t want to say that it’s ‘rare’ to find devoted believers at my age, however I have had trouble finding them myself. What better way to find what you’re looking for than to become it.” - DG

Taste Lifestyle Magazine and other cover specials consist of outstanding articles, product reviews, style catalogs, and so much more.

Monthly Vision Boards highlighting goals and aesthetic inspiration for the month.

Podcast diving deeper into discussions of faith and walking with the Lord.

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